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    An Overview of the South Bend Spine Approach to Treatment & Pain Management

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    Looking for a "Quick Fix"

    In our fast-paced society, we often look for "quick fix" solution — a pill or injection or surgery — to quickly remove the pain.

    Back and neck pain is similar to heart problems. A person who has a “heart attack” will often have years of heart disease and high risk behavior that heightens their risk of a heart attack or stroke.

    Those with back or neck pain can similarly become sedentary, or become out of shape, gaining extra weight that places more strain on the low back. Just as a cardiologist will recommend a change in diet away from high cholesterol foods and more exercise, a spine physician and spine therapist may want you to make your back stronger, more flexible and more resistant to future injury.

    Spine Care Requires a Lifestyle Commitment

    While a spinal injection, procedure or surgery can help relieve symptoms, not maintaining spinal muscle strength and flexibility, or use of good body mechanics can increase your likelihood of future problems. Many times, you have to remember that as you get older, past age 40, the back is more prone to strain and sprain, and you need to avoid lifting heavy objects, or participating in contact sports that can damage your back or neck.


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